peace & love ~ a story of 'bloom' (so far)

If you've been in and around Belfast's beloved 'Oh Yeah Centre' in recent months you may be vaguely aware of what is surly the early tides of a new wave in Northern Irish music. Like a butterfly emerging from it's rock and roll chrysalis come 'BLOOM' a rare and exciting breed of psychedelic blues, funk and rock destined to capture the indie music scene and turn it on it's head.

Despite being a band still in their embryonic stage, BLOOM have already attracted an intrigued and excited following online, releasing three captivating tracks (one, 'Tour - De - Boudoir' lasting a mesmerising 26 minutes) steeped in hypnotic grooves and unusual rhythms. Perhaps the reason for such a hype surrounding this brand new outfit is their sheer originality. Perhaps it's down to their 60's inspired, love and peace driven image. Or perhaps it's simply meant to be. You have the feeling 'BLOOM' would believe the latter, their peace of mind and love of all things inspiring suggesting this is a band who don't care what anyone may think, and are instead just happy to be here. It's also worth mentioning that this doesn't simply refer to their beautifully free flowing music, with 'BLOOM' it feels like so much more. They seem a band happy to be alive, happy to be existing and happy to bring their lovingly developed stream of consciousness to anybody who'll listen. You have a feeling that BLOOM are more than just a band. They could well be the pioneers of a new movement. We've seen what can be achieved already through this, bands like The Late Twos, Echo Raptors and The Remedy leading the line for the 90's revival. Can BLOOM go a step further and resurrect the swinging 60's? Only time will tell. Based on this evidence however, it seems only a matter of time.

Like a waterfall cascading through a desolate wasteland, BLOOM may have been brought together to remind us all just how liberating the art of music can be. Despite their youth and lack of experience (when compared to local bands, years into creating their early visions), you have a feeling there is something a little bit special about this experimental four piece, and that could well be all they need.

My advice? Get into BLOOM now, before it's cool.

Fight the power.

Taylor Johnson

If you like ~ The Doors | The Beatles | Temples ~ You'll love BLOOM.

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