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As it's coming to the end of a very successful year for Encore NI we thought we'd like to feature something rather different on the site. Here Taylor Johnson takes a first listen to a demo from a young Mancunian 4 piece looking to make waves in 2014. Already armed with an obvious determination and edgy attitude, this week Encore NI  introduces 'The Croons'.

Cradled under the gentle rain of a grey Manchester sky sits a lonely train station, frozen in a simpler time where rock and roll was a way of life and the only dream was to get out of the city. It is a powerful image from Britain's past and the appropriate single artwork to a track slowly beginning to reignite a  nostalgic passion long forgotten in the baron wasteland of the 'UK Top 40'.

The track in question is the debut demo single from young Manchester 4-piece 'The Croons', a ready made indie anthem with a captivating back beat and startlingly well developed sound called 'Train Tracks'. Released inexplicably into cyberspace last month, 'Train Tracks' is a song that seeks to captivate from the off, a raw distorted guitar riff acting as the catalyst for a driving bass drum intro that builds to the songs central hook. Brimming with passion, the effortless vocal delivery at times is reminiscent of a 'Beneath The Board Walk' era Alex Turner, as the band easily step into the sort of singalong chorus The Strokes would be proud of. Subtle guitar overlays help to add a rock and roll flare to proceedings as the hypnotic drum beat never once threatens to falter.

Lyrically, The Croons natural charisma comes to the surface, as the chorus's hook  'Leave the train-tracks along my back' can't help but leave you singing along. The lads cheeky references to young love and the freedom of youth are written cleverly and delicately, with lines like 'She don't want no devotion, just enjoying the motion' easily overlooked, yet brilliantly intertwined.  As the song flows to it's pinnacle a Libertines-esque guitar solo serves to highlight the bands musicality and natural ability.

A final refrain of the chorus brings the song to it's conclusion, as The Croons first release bows out as confidently as it began.

In all, 'Train Tracks' serves as a perfect example of the undercurrent of raw passion that still remains in the pop dominated musical landscape we live in. The Croons could well be the band your kids will one day start to believe in. Until then, Train Tracks will keep them dancing.

Taylor Johnson

If you like...The Strokes, The Libertines, The Jam...You'll love The Croons.

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