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The 'Le Mans' EP is out now on Humming Records...
Name; Yes Cadets
Genre; 'Maximist Heartbreak Pop'
Influences/ Comparisons? ~ Vampire Weekend, Peace, Jaws

Riding on the crest of the distinctive 'B-Town' wave comes Northern Ireland's answer to chart topping elctro-pop outfit Vampire Weekend, the refreshingly joyous sounds and bright overtones of Yes Cadets. Having plied their trade in the underground indie circuits of Europe (gaining particular popularity in Germany), the Belfast three piece have finally got into the studio to record their debut major label release, the highly anticipated 'Le Mans' EP. Filled with the kind of sparkling, pristine pop that has had a resurgent comeback in recent times, the bands melodic rhythms and upbeat soundscapes takes the bittersweet riffs of a Graceland era Paul Simon and bring it into the 21st century. Lisa Mageean's uptempo and impeccably tight drumming adds an extra dimension to the bands breezy, engaging sound, while adding a touch of class through her infectious enthusiasm and grace behind the drumkit. Her backing vocals in tracks such as the vibrant 'Seconds In A Minute' is a perfect compliment to frontman Alan Haslam's fast paced and emotive vocal delivery. In an ever growing back catalouge, songs such as the EP's title track show a darker edge to a band determined not to simply blend into the background of a movement defined by high tempo, riff based tales of teenage heartache and halcyon daydreams. Somehow, particularly in the 'Le Mans' title track, Yes Cadets have been able to capture the serene and delicate atmosphere of albums like Ben Howards 'Every Kingdom' and add to that the indie, electric guitar based drive that could see in the start of a new movement in Belfast.

Could B-Towns UK wide assault on modern music about to hit Belfast? If this enthralling indie-pop trio is anything to go by, the answer is a resounding Yes (cadets).

To sum up? Yes Cadets are what you imagine 'Noah and the Whale' would sound like with electric guitars and a greater sense of purpose.

Taylor Johnson

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