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(The Sass are currently gigging around Belfast...)

When I first heard 90's inspired indie rockers "The Sass" in Voodoo, Belfast, the most surprising aspect of the gig was that it was their debut. A roaring set filled with melodic riffs, an already developed sound and the panache of a band that have been together much longer than themselves, highlighted their maturity and created a big first impression. Since then they have recorded their debut single, "Get Around" and so, understandably, we couldn't wait to take a listen.

Opening with an uptempo drum beat The Sass begin as the intend to go on, setting an immediate energetic tone. "Get Around" is an uplifting tongue and cheek tale of the trials and tribulations of one night stands and complicated love. The vocals, reminiscent of a young Richard Ashcroft, blend harmoniously with the Glasvegas style guitar riff in the verses and the cheeky nature of the lyrics only add to the songs hedonistic feel. (We've all went out with a psycho named Lucy at some stage of our lives right?)

The chorus has all the hallmarks of a classic indie anthem. Alex James of blur once claimed that he knew if a song was destined to be a hit if the audience sang the chorus back to them on it's first play and with such a triumphant sound and catchy lyrics, with "Get Around" it's impossible not to. Uplifting and optimistic, it gives the song the driving force necessary to be the bands first hit.

To sum up, the overall feelgood factor of this tune is intoxicating, catchy enough to be popular while retaining an indie edge. The Sass have written a real gem here and if they can continue to write songs of this quality they could be destined for great things.

Just the tonic recession hit Britain has been crying out for!

~Review by Taylor Johnson.

If you like: Glasvegas, The Libertines, The Twang
You'll love "Get Around"

Check out the official video here, complete with a brilliant cameo from UTV's very own Julian Simmons;

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