single review ~ welcome pariah ~ "neither here nor there"

Single Review
Welcome Pariah
“Neither Here Nor There”

This week Encore had the opportunity to listen to alternative English outfit “Welcome Pariah”. The Southampton lads have already gained significant appraisal from critics across Britain, earning rave reviews from newspapers such as The Guardian and gaining much sought after support slots for alternative indie Idols such as Chris Helme from The Seahorses and Ocean Colour Scenes Steve Craddock. Now armed with a brand new single and a string of gigs in various London musical hot-spots, “Welcome Pariah” look ready to take on the big boys of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

A melodic riff kicks off the track with a distinct Stone Roses sort of feel, (like a psychedelic “Waterfall”), which soon erupts in a vivacious explosion of energy and vibrant guitars.  The influence from the Britpop tidal wave which swept the 90’s are on show here, but it’s the bands ability to take this inspiration and make it their own which shows a creative spark many have failed to light in the wake of what was truly a special time for British music. The optimistic vibes from the track are allowed to thrive through the upbeat rhythm, in a musical formula highlighted by bands such as The Enemy. Clever vocal delivery from John Waghorn are reminiscent of a young Damon Albarn, perhaps tinged with the assured swagger of Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner.
The bands almost hypnotic lead riff blends perfectly with a primal drum beat to pave the way for A “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?” era Oasis jam towards the end of the song, radiating a passion and genuine emotion not often heard since the days of the legendary Mancs.
“Neither Here Nor There” opens with the background noise of a city in desperate need of a wakeup call to the exponential world which surrounds them. Welcome Pariah have delivered just that.
Cool, calm and filled with belief, this tune promises to be a festival favourite.
If you like: The Manic Street Preachers, Oasis, The Verve, The Cribs
You’ll like Welcome Pariah.

Review by Taylor Johnson.

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"Neither Here Nor There" promises to be an explosive live tune ~ catch them live at  "This Feeling" in London on 26th April

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